Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall is here.....

Here are some of my other new items for fall .......

Baby Scarecrow Hat (available until Thanksgiving)- $22
 Can be made with yarn tie or raffia tie and can also change the color of the patches.

Baby Caterpillar Hat-$40
Love the different texture yarn I used for the cocoon. This is also available in a red and orange textured with an orange or red hat- as well as a brown and red textured with a red hat.

I am loving my first Fall back in New York in 12 years. It has been so inspiring here with all the beautiful colors. I only wish I had more time to add new hats to the shop. I have been busy catching up on mermaid orders for Halloween.... If I catch up in another week or so I will be able to make a few more mermaids before Halloween.   Next I will be working on some things for Christmas, so keep checking back for new items.

Thanks to Katrina Elena for your adorable scarecrow shot-
Thanks to Brian and Amanda Photography for the great caterpillar shot.

Also new is my little man suit- $40
Customize your own.