Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Gearing up for a new year....

2014 is here already and I am gearing up to re-open the shop for the Spring season... I love the Spring and all the newborns that come along with it... Well with another year comes another list of goals for it.
I hope to continue to grow the business and make it more profitable than 2013,
I want to continue to add about 3 new things a month.
I want to offer props that appeal to parents as well as photographers
I want to add many more bonnets and pant and hat options
I hope to add some more upcycled sets and ready to ship .

This past week I have been working on several new things to add to the shop. I am looking to add some new photographers to the Willowsgarden family.. I cant wait to get some photographs of my new products and get them added to the shop..

2013 brought with it 728 orders but probably closer to 900 items made... I still cant believe it.
I have met and worked with many amazing photographers and had some really awesome customers.

For now a sneak peek at one of the new sets inspired by mint chocolate chip ice-cream. Enjoy

Happy New Year!